Tips on Preparing for Exams

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Most of us hate tests.  Why? It seems that we either study the wrong stuff or don’t spend enough time preparing, and we get that awful guilty feeling as we wait for the results.

Exercising some simple study habits may make you better equipped and able to excel.

  • Eat breakfast.  An engine can’t run without fuel, and neither can you.
  • Look over the whole test as soon as you get it.  Some questions may be worth more points than others and require extra time.  Answer those you know first, particularly the shorter ones.
  • Listen to the directions and read each question carefully.  Never and always are sure signs that the question is probably not true.
  • If your hands are shaking or you can’t remember anything, take a few deep breaths and relax.
  • If you’re guessing at the answers, your first guess is usually an educated one because you remember something about the topic from class or during a review.
  • When answering multiple choice questions, eliminate the obvious wrong answers and then guess at the last two.  Your chances are better this way.
  • Never write “I don’t know” or leave the space blank.  Try to answer all the questions.
  • Don’t ramble on when answering essay questions.  Stress your point.  Teachers usually know when you’re trying to fool them.
  • Be as neat as possible.  If your teacher can’t read your answer, it will be marked wrong.
  • Take notes in class and pay special attention to those topics the teacher says will probably be on the test.

The most important tips to taking a test is to prepare for it ahead of time.  It won’t matter if you eat a good breakfast or feel calm if you simply don’t know the answers.  Preparation is like planting and watering a garden – it’s a slow process, but you will reap bountiful benefits in the end.


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