Catholics Do Not Adore Saints

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Adoration is restricted exclusively for God. But saints and other people may be asked to pray for you. When a Catholic makes their petition known to a saint all they are doing is simply asking the saint to pray for them. It isn’t adoration, because the saint isn’t worshiped. He’s simply being asked a favor: “Please pray for me.”

Often the non-Catholic response is that Christ is the one and only mediator between God and humankind, so asking a saint for a favor is unnecessary, as well as no human being can duplicate, replace or enhance what Christ does. Catholics believe the same thing, but the Church adds that when you read the Bible, you see people asking Jesus for favors on behalf of others. Whenever another person asks a favor on behalf of someone else, that’s interceding on behalf of someone else’s petition.

So if a saint asks God for a favor on your behalf, it’s called an intercession. The word is Latin “intercedere”, which means to plead on another’s behalf, to act as an advocate. Remember when you would ask you mother to approach your father about a request you had? Well, that was your mother being an intercessor.

So, when a Catholic prays to Mary or a saint for their intercession, they are merely asking Mary or the saint to ask Jesus for help. Catholics believe that any reply, response, or answer only comes from God, but the saint brought the concern to Jesus Christ.

Bottom line…just because Catholics ask the saints for prayers does not mean that Catholics worship the saints.

Why even pray to Mary or a saint a lot of people ask. Well, the answer is that Catholics don’t have to go to anyone but God for prayer, but they believe that it’s possible to ask the saints to pray for you just as when you ask another person pray for you.

The Catholic Church believes that the only time that prayers to and from the deceased has no effect is when the deceased are damned in Hell.


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