You May Be Happier Than You Think

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You might think you’re stressed, but have you considered that, beneath it all, you’re actually pretty content?  Here are the telltale signs.  See if you can relate to most of these.

1.  When people give you compliments, instead of blushing and saying “don’t be silly,” you find yourself smiling and accepting them.

2.  You open a box of chocolates and eat half without feeling guilty…then forget all about them until you find the rest sitting at the back of the kitchen cupboard two weeks later.

3.  Instead of clock-watching throughout a gym workout, you discover you’ve done an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill — and you hadn’t even noticed.

4.  When you are having sex with your partner, you stop being overly conscious of your figure. You even go as far as leaving the lights on.

5.  When a friend is late for your lunch date, you’re not at all irritated at being left on your own.  You simply order another drink and relax as the rest of the world goes by.

6.  You find yourself half-smiling at people on the street.

7.  You listen patiently to your friend’s problems and your eyes don’t glaze over once.  Then, when it’s your turn to whine, you find you have nothing to say.

8.  You can’t remember the last time you cried for a “real reason.”

9.  You’ve been rejected by a potential date, but instead of moping, you react with outrage and indignantly recount the story to your friends.  Once you’re all laughing hysterically, you realize it’s his/ her loss.

10.  You’re home alone, and instead of making cheese toast, you treat yourself to steak and wine — and actually sit down at the table to eat it happily.

11.  You really enjoy complimenting people and find something nice to say to almost everyone you know.

12.  You’ve assigned a ridiculous novelty ring tone to your cellphone that creases you up with laughter when it rings.

13.  People keep saying you look different in a positive way and ask if you’ve just had a facial or been on a holiday.


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