Some examples of homonyms and their correct spelling and meaning

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Add – Ad:

To add is to total an amount up such as 2+2 = 4.  I am going to add my money up to see how much I have. Add also refers to join or to increase the amount, size or quantity of something.

Ad is short for advertisement and advertising. I saw an ad on the TV.

Allowed – Aloud:

Allowed is to grant, permit or to let. You are allowed to have that cake.

Aloud is when you are talking loudly not in a quiet voice or a whisper, ‘She read the poem out aloud.

Ate – Eight:

Ate is to have eaten food, such as I have ate, I have just eaten.

Eight is a number that comes after seven and before nine, Seven, Eight Nine.  

7 8 9.


Bare – Bear:

Bare means naked, to be unclothed, exposed and without cover.

Bear is an animal; there are brown bears, Polar bears and Panda bears. A child’s toy is a teddy bear.Bear is to also support, carry, to bear in mind, to bear witness to.


Councillor – Counsellor:

Councillor is a member of a collective group, (see council).

Counsellor is one who advices, (see Counsel)


Draft – Draught:

Draft is a sketch of an idea, a preliminary drawing of a rough plan.

Draught is a current of cold air; it also refers to a measure of drink.


Edition – Addition:

Edition is the number of times a copy is published, such as a book. A new edition usually has additions and alterations added to it.

Addition is anything that is added, or has something added on to it, an additive.


Heir – Air:

Heir is a relative or a person entitled to inherit good’s or money that a deceased person has left to them. 

Air is the atmosphere surrounding us that we breathe.


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