Blackberry Without BIS

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Sometime I feel that I spent more money for service Blackberry. I’m using blackberry only for browsing rather than  push mail in high trafic.

I decide to using blackberry device without using service from provider Blackberry ( BIS)

Blackberry handheld is not provided browser, or on other word Browser will not work untill you could edit your browser .

Editing your browser provided by “service book “.

How could you edit the service book ?

the answer is :  *.ipd  file. This is modified file for servicebook  ( ready to use ) . The name is “Browser via TCP/IP…”

By the google you can search with the key ” Browsing without BIS”

As Result you can find the situs… and caught *.ipd files…

Note :

Before you can use it , please make sure that your BB as below :

By the BB Keypad , push  Option>Advance Setting>ServiceBook and….

Hold Alt+SBEB

Its Ready to install “Browser via TCP…..”

Installing is commonly by using Blackberry Desktop Manager > Backup&Restore > Advance .

After you installing this  service book you have to go to Advance Menu . Please go to “Browser ” , using trackball , pointing to the browser and save. ( Just save it ) .

Next step, go to TCP/SIM .

In this step , you can change your setting about your provider APN  . Please contact your provider if you do not remember the APN,user name and password .

By the TCP/SIM you can check APN setting enembled

Check APN Authenticaton enambled

Please fill the usernama for APN, and Password for APN.

Sometimes you can use this software you can save to your folder.

Because Servicebook is involve in the simcard installed. Once you install this software, the browser is saved in your simcard .

One Simcard, One Service Book. In this way , if you change the simcard you have reinstall your servicebook using this software .


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