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Each and every person has a certain talent or skill that he/she can perform better than no one else. God knows that my skill does not lie in athletics. I have not one athletic bone in my body. However, I’ve always been a good writer, and it is this skill that drove me to major in English. Because of this lifelong career, I began my own writing business.

Coghlan Professional Writing Services is my pride because I can share my talents with others whose skills differ. Not everyone can write well. I know that and understand that, and that’s where my business comes into play. So far, every resume that I have written for a potential employee has received a call back. So in reality, I’m offering a pretty good deal for $20.

Not only do I offer resume services, I also offer proofreading and editing services, which are highly effective. As far as I am concerned, a reliable proofreader or editor should have a Master’s in English, minimally.  I obtained my MA from Mississippi State University, and though it took two whole years of constant studying, I am an expert at grammar, literature, and the written word.  Plus, I still teach writing courses at Itawamba Community College, and I hold firm to the fact that English teachers are the best proofreaders and editors. After all, they have the most practice from grading essays.

Coghlan Professional Writing Services offers ghostwriting too. Ghostwriting tends to be a sore subject with most writers, though I don’t tend to agree. Most people do have a story to tell, and just because a person doesn’t have great writing skills doesn’t mean that story shouldn’t be told. And even though a ghostwriter may have actually written the words, the story itself belongs to someone else. So I, unlike many other writers, take pride in ghostwriting.

I also offer tutoring services. Even though I only taught in the public school system for 5 years, I know the English II Mississippi Subject Area Test.  In the 5 years that I taught English in public schools, I never had a student who could not pass the essay portion of the state test, so not only can I write, I can also teach writing to others.

Sometimes it’s hard to run a small business because you have good months and bad months. However, I’ve learned that the best advertising comes from word of mouth. In the down times of my business, I keep in mind that I offer help to people who really need it. And because I keep my prices low, I know that I do so without taking advantage of my customers.

With that in mind, visit my website. I am an independent woman with superior writing skills, a big heart, and an honest character. When you do find yourself in need of writing skills, contact Coghlan Professional Writing Services. You can trust that you’ll be happy with my services, I won’t overcharge you, and I’ll respect you for your skills as a person as much as I know that you’ll respect me.


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