Dear Micheal

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MMAgF.jpg Dear Michael. My name is  Gloria Davis, my reason for writing this letter is to let you know that your music has continued to touch the hearts of many. And Michael, your hopes of immortality has indeed surrounded you and your music, which will live forever.

Michael I hope there is a way for you to see the love, that you, have always desired, which has spread over the world since your passing.  Michael it’s been extra hard for Jermaine, he said in an interview, that you left to soon. Jermaine also said that he wish that it had been him instead of you. Janet and your father Joe attended the BET Awards, which were dedicated to you.

Janet spoke at the event, she was so emotional, she could barely speak. Janet finally found her words, she said to the audience ” To you Michael was an Icon, but to us Michael is family, and he will always be in our hearts. Michael your Memorial was held at the Staple Center, which was the last place that you performed.

“Michael thousands attended, your service, and it was not just celebrities, your family made it possible for thousands of your fans to attend. As a matter of fact they gave the fans who attended free tickets. Mariah Carey performed, along with Stevie Wonder, Usher, Lionel Richie, Jennifer Hudson, and Jermaine song your favorite song “Smile. Michael there were many speakers, Brooke Shields, Smokey Robinson, Berry Gordy, Queen Latifa, and  Martin Luther King’s son and daughter and many more.

But the most touching speech of all came from your daughter Paris, “she said that Daddy was the best father in the world, and she said that she loved you. Blanket and Prince, were quiet but I could tell by their faces that they love and missed you. “Marlon also spoke Michael he said he wanted you to huge his twin brother, and he said that maybe now they’ll leave you alone.

After the memorial, some how your family was able to ditch the paparazzi, to the point of that everyone was confused about your location, which continues to this day!  “Michael you are in the media every day, which has took a toll on your family. “Michael I have seen your father, he was a guest on Larry King Live. But Michael, Your father’s words were discredited and switched around by the media the following day. “Micheal I was angered as I listened to the media  as they re-worded every sentence that wasmade by your father! And “Micheal they poked fun at Joseph for mourning your death as if he was a joke.

I haven’t seen your Mother Kathrine since the Memorial, which is understandable due to her loss. I had gathered that Kathrine is in mourning, which was confirmed by your father Joe, during his interveiw on Larry King Live. The media seemed as if they will never allow your family the time to mourn your loss. You were right about the media Micheal, because I have seen their speculations and inappropriate endeavers,  which show they are the trash that you always said they were. Thats all for now Michael, I hope that I didn’t leave to much out of my letter.

Rest in peace sweet Prince!! I hope you can see the love that everyone is showing you in death, when they showed you so little in life.


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