How To Look Like Audrina Patridge

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How To Look Like Audrina Patridge

How to look like Audrina Patridge. Audrina Patridge started off as a reality star, to becoming a model, and actress. Audrina Patridge is starring in “The Sorority Row”. How to look like Audrina Patridge can be done if you are up to date on fashion. To look like the model/actress you have to love fashion, the latest styles, and trends.

How To Get Audrina Patridge’s Body

How to get Audrina Patridge’s body. How much does Audrina Patridge weigh? Audrina Patridge weighs a slender 116 pounds. So how does Audrina Patridge stay so skinny? Audrina Patridge exercise’s but not to lose weight. If you want to get Audrina Patridge’s body you need to focus on hitting the gym to get definition to you arms, legs, and butt. Audrina Patridge does do cardio also. 30 minutes on the elliptical then its on to weights, followed by squats. How to get Audrina’s body, and stay so slim will require you to stick to a low calorie diet. Audrina thanks a healthy low calorie diet to her slim figure. How many calories does Audrina Patridge consume to stay skinny? Only 1250 calories a day. Which consist of fresh fruits, vegetables, and fish.

How To Dress Like Audrina Patridge

How to dress like Audrina Patridge. To dress like Audrina Patridge you will need to be a fashion diva. Audrina is a model, so staying up to date on styles, and the latest trends is her job. How to look like Audrina will be done if you own a skimpy black dress. Audrina owns lots of skimpy little black dress’s. Your closet should not be without one. How to dress like Audrina can also be achieved by carrying stylish bags, and purses in bright colors, and different sizes. To dress like Audrina you will not leave the house without accessories, Audrina loves jewelry it is never over the top. A simple bangle bracelet, dangle earrings, and a coin necklace.

How To Wear Makeup Like Audrina Patridge

How to wear makeup like Audrina Patridge. To wear makeup like Audrina you have to have a California tan. What kind of makeup does Audrina Patridge wear? It has been reported that Audrina Patridge loves MAC makeup. To wear your makeup like Audrina Patridge wear a bronzer, apply the bronzer to the apple of your checks, and sweep the bronzer to the hair line. Apply a black eyeliner, and use a eyelash curler to curl lash’s. Apply two or three coats of black mascara. Audrina likes to play with eye shadows. She has been seen wearing her makeup lately more natural. To wear makeup like Audrina Patridge, wear a red lip stick, and keep the eyes soft and shimmery. Audrina’s new makeup looks stunning.

How To Get Hair Like Audrina Patridge

How to get hair like Audrina Patridge. To get hair like Audrina Patridge you need to have long hair. Audrina Patridge has played with her hair color in the past. Currently Audrina Patridge has got it right. Audrina’s hair color is a soft brunet, with subtle blond highlights. It is a very natural hair color that compliments her skin tone. To get hair like Audrina Patridge, have long layers in hair to create movement. Audrina Patridge wears her hair long and wavy. Use a large barrel curling iron, and curl hair to chin. Separate curls with fingers, and spray with hair spray to create a wavy tousled look.


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