5 Hair Mistakes That I Have Made

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So lets get down to it… here is the number one thing you really shouldn’t do…

1. Let your husband trim your hair. Even a tiny trim to get rid of those nasty split ends can turn out disastrous! I ended up spending a small fortune having a stylist fix it and lost several more inches than I intended.

2. Using the wrong shampoo for your hair type is another mistake a lot of people make. If you have oily hair, use a shampoo formulated to remove more oil and it will state it right on the bottle. If you have dry hair, you will need a shampoo that removes only a small amount of oil with emphasis on cleaning the hair gently. Don’t just choose a bottle because it smells pretty! Yes, I’ve done that one too, but it did smell amazing! Too bad it didn’t do anything for my hair.

3. Whether we like it or not, we really do need those trims to keep split ends in check, but again, don’t let your husband do it for you. And what happens if you ignore those split ends? Unfortunately the split will travel up the hair shaft, causing even more damage.

4. If you color your hair, be sure to read the instructions twice… before you even begin and it’s also a good idea to have a timer handy. And don’t walk across a carpeted area with the color in your hair. It will find a way to drip onto the carpet. Trust me… I know!

5. When you spot a sign announcing a great rate at a new hair salon, be sure to ask for that rate. If you don’t I can pretty much guarantee that they will give you to the senior, most expensive stylist (if he/she isn’t busy) that they have on staff! But, they won’t tell you until it’s time to pay the bill!


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