A Plan to Get Stronger

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Building a muscular body makes you stronger and healthier. In order to get stronger with weight training you will need to do compound exercises, a proper diet, and proper rest. Compound exercises work on a group of  muscles at a time.

A proper diet for a body builder should be rich in proteins and low in fats. The most healthy diet includes of 40 percent protein and 40 percent carbohydrates with 20 percent fats. Builders usually eat six meals a day instead of three. 

Proper rest for body builders means taking a day rest before starting your workout again, for bodybuilders it is necessary to sleep for at least 8 hours at night to get a good rest.


If you are fat, then starting with strength training is right for you. This will burn calories and help you lose weight. When weight lifting it is necessary to lift the amount of weights which you can life not more than that or you could get hurt! If you cannot do 5 reps properly then you can reduce the weights.

Start weight training with free weights. It is necessary to know the correct exercises before doing them rather than starting a random workout.

Doing a mixture of both isolation exercises and compound weight exercises could be really helpful in strength training. Add weights as you progress. Always keep track of your measurements, your diet, and workouts.

First, concentrate on getting stronger and leaner don’t worry about building mass as you can gain mass only when you become stronger. You can lose weight and gain muscles by following this plan.



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