Teen Gang Paradox

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Teen Gang Paradox

When punishment law comes to be more important than student education

Putting more students in the streets instead of school halls

Education suffers and fails its cause when parents can’t afford an Attorney

The School Board action is usually overly severe which in turn

Negates the purpose of discipline…Don’t shoot a fly with an Elephant Gun

This Article is not about Self-Righteousness or being Politically Correct

This Article is an attempt to take us back to a time when Common Sense

Battled with Education to keep abuse of power out of Rhyme

So-call teen gang paradox didn’t outlaw Prayer from School

Legislation embraced short term solutions

Ignoring the long term cost of Quick Fix School Pollution

So-call teen gang paradox didn’t ban Recess from High School  

Back in the day Recess served as a trilogy long term tool

  1. Rewards for hard work
  2. Keeping Obesity at bay
  3. Last but not least a disciplinary tool recess privileges denied if students misbehaved or recess would be utilized as a Study Haven

2009 Schools and Guns

Back in the day it was Chewing Gum

Since Prayer is banned from school discipline banned from homes  

Children are given legend and authority no child should own

Students seem out of control Systems in charge embrace Class as Gold

PG movies are actually rated R. R ratings are almost pornography

Violent video games are more accessible than employment

Welfare: No Mandatory Child Support…Child Support: A Father’s

Fight for fair visitation rights

Back in the day we had…Adults…teenagers…children and babies

Today we have grown teenagers grown children grown babies and old people

Cell phones have replaced: No…You can’t go

Common sense wrestling with Education

Wisdom wrestling with Common Sense

Teenagers stuck in the middle with a cell phone…Teen Gang Paradox


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