Offering Support a Partner or Spouse Going Back to School

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Give your partner or spouse ample opportunity to get school work done. This may mean that you’ll have to see your loved one less, but in the end, you’ll be helping to better both your futures. Help your partner set aside time away in peace to do school work by understanding that at these times, he will need to be left alone. Don’t take it personally and think that he doesn’t want to spend time with you. Being a supportive partner or spouse when your loved one is going back to school means compromising your time with him. Try not to make your loved one feel guilty about needing time alone to do college work. Your partner or spouse will truly appreciate your efforts and feel grateful if he feels your being understanding about school work.

Don’t get upset if your partner or spouse is not around as much during college semesters. Your loved one needs to get college course work done and will not be able to help out at much at home, spend as much time with family, or even be there with you as much. Try to be understanding and reflect this understanding by offering times that the two of you can spend alone such as Friday or Saturday nights. If it’s house chores your upset about, try to understand that your partner or spouse is doing work and that his portion of the chores should be slightly overlooked. He is working hard to provide the two of you a great future and should be allowed to neglect some household chores while he is going back to school.

If there are children involved, try not to expect as much from your partner or spouse as he used to give in child rearing responsibilities. This is not to say that he should not have to help out at all or spend any time with the children. But, if you find yourself giving your children a bath every night when you used to take turns doing this, try not to get upset with your partner or spouse. Understand that much of his responsibilities lie in college work and he will be less available to help out at home. If you find that your partner or spouse is spending too much time away from home or working on college course work too much, talk to him about it. Then suggest days or times when he could be helping out a little more often so that you feel less of a burden in caring for the children.

Offer to provide help when your partner or spouse is stuck on his college course work. If your loved one is taking a class that you’re familiar with or know a lot of information about, offer to help him. This does not mean that you should do his work for him, after all, he needs to learn for himself in order to earn that degree. But, you could help him by assisting him when times get tough during college. Say your strong point is English, but your partner or spouse does not do so well in that subject. Offer to help him by explaining certain ideas and concepts to him to help him understand the material better. When you help your loved one do well in school, you’re not only encouraging his education, but you’ll also increase your confidence and the bond you share. You could also look at helping your partner or spouse as a way to spend time together, especially if he’s so busy with school work that you barely see him.

Help your partner or spouse have study time by offering to take the kids out for the night, or you go out with friends. Allow your loved one to have an empty house from time to time to get school work done in peace. If your partner or spouse is better able to concentrate, he may get school work done faster, which will benefit both of you. Sometimes all we need a little quiet time to concentrate and really work through things. Many people find that they get things done much faster when there is no interference. Offering your partner or spouse time alone to do college course work is a great way to support his education. He’ll know that you respect his time alone and the fact that he is trying to go back to school. As long as your partner or spouse knows he has your support, he will be more motivated to finish his goals.


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