Cricket: Toying with the idea of Sachin Tendulkar in the ODI format!

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Cricket: Toying with the idea of Sachin Tendulkar in the ODI format !

There is a saying in economics ‘New rupee, will always drive the Old rupee!’.This adage equally applies to other areas that evoke much interest among the people. In particular, in Cricket.

Once, Test format remained an undisputed monarch in the game of cricket.In fact cricket fans enjoyed the long five day format.When years rolled by test cricket became insipid and dull. When a new format of the game of cricket called ‘One Day International’ emerged, it naturally attracted more people evincing more interest in watching the game of cricket, because it was time savvy, result-oriented and more interesting than the test format. People need not worry much about their purse, because it was a one-time investment. More and more ODIs were played in series between the countries, fetching more revenue to the coffers of the respective cricket boards, apart from enriching the players in no time. Cricketers also gained immense popularity.When the world championship was organized for the first time in the year 1975 as the Prudential Cup for the ODI format,West Indies became the undisputed monarch. It became a routine affair once in four years, the last one being held in the West Indies in the year 2007.The next ODI championship to be held in the year 2011, is jointly hosted by India, Sri Lanka Bangladesh and Pakistan. Unfortunately, the matches that are to be played in Pakistan have been shifted to the other hosts, consequent to the attack by the terrorists on the Sri Lankan players during a series in Pakistan, in the year 2009.

The emergence of the another format of the game of cricket called Twenty Twenty cricket, it created a different international scenario in the game of cricket.Being the shortest format of the game than the other formats like test, ODI, it became the darling of the cricket crazy fans. Naturally, the other formats of the game, the test cricket and the ODI have lost their craze, previously enjoyed by them. Now the ICC is in a dilemma how to save test cricket and to pull more crowd to the ODI format of the game.

At this juncture, Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar has come up with an innovative idea to revamp the game of cricket in the ODI format. When he speaks everyone listens. Sachin’s idea is to split the 50 overs game into two 25 overs game and thereby to have two innings, of course on a single day. ICC too finds his idea somewhat interesting. In fact, the ICC chairman Richardson, wants to put it in practice at least in South Africa on experimental basis. The idea may help to resolve the undue advantage of winning the toss by a team, especially the damp pitches and equally shares the burden of pitch on both sides especially during the day and night matches.The advantage of winning the toss, thereby evaporates and eases the burden on both sides and simply test their nerves and skills only. But Richardson has his reservations too.In the split process of 25 overs, a skillful batsman looses his chance of batting throughout the innings and scoring a century.

Cricket legend Kapil Dev opposes the idea and frowns at the idea of tampering with the game. Another cricket legend from Pakistan, Imran Khan also opposes the idea and adds that the present format is unique in many ways and it should be persisted with.

But Sachin’s idea of splitting the ODI format of the game into two 25 overs game is actually in the interest of the game’s improvement besides making it more interesting and crowd pulling.There is no any personal motive behind it. Being the record holder of highest number of One Day centuries, if the idea is put into practice, he may not be able to score more and more centuries and put himself in an unassailable and enviable position. Some one else also murmurs like this: If Sachin’s idea is put into practice, it also prevents other players from scoring ODI centuries in future and beating his record. In the result, Sachin’s record in ODI’s will remain intact!


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