Learn to Have Sweeter Dreams At Bedtime

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Get rid of negative thoughts or worries from the day. Imagine your mind is a blank chalk board, black and empty. If you find trouble in doing this, picture your troubles on the chalk board and then wipe them away with an eraser. Really see yourself doing this to get rid of your troubles. You should be able to see the empty chalk board then. If this doesn’t work for you, write down your worries and troubles in a notebook, just before going to bed and keep it on the night stand. Getting your stressed of the day out on paper should help you to erase them from your mind for the night. When your mind is unstressed, your dreams will be sweeter.

Spray a lavender mist onto pillows, sheets, and blankets. Lavender is a soothing scent that actually melts away stress and worry and helps to relax your body through smell. Lavender candles work as well, but be sure to blow them out before falling asleep. You can find any type of lavender scents at Wal-Mart, Bath & Body Works, or even online. There is also lavender body wash and moisturizer that will help to relax your mind and body. The scent will help you to escape to a soothing place and enhance sweet dreams.

Play a sound machine or some sort of continuous vibration to sooth yourself before bedtime. Sweeter dreams come from soft and gentle outside noises. You’ll drift away to another place with the white noise of a repetitive sound. Repetition in low volumes help to relax our bodies and minds and make sleeping much easier. When you are relaxed at bedtime, you’re more apt to have sweeter dreams. Even the sound of a fan on low will help to lull you to sleep and create sweet dreams at bedtime. Try using a small desk fan for just the right amount of breeze and volume.

Think about happy, wonderful things you either have in life or want. Sweet dreams come from thinking happy thoughts and creating optimism. When you go to bed thinking happy things, your chances of having sweet dreams are greater. Stop the negative, nagging thoughts and take yourself to a place that’s amazing. Perhaps there’s a warm tropical island you wish to visit, or a new business you want to start, or a beautiful new home you wish to buy. Put these ideas in your head before bedtime and you’ll have sweet dreams about them. Think about family and friends that you love as well and sweet dreams will appear in your head as you drift off to sleep.


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