My Permanent Weight Loss

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My Permanent Weight Loss 

My enemy isn’t food or fat my enemy was the majority belief system

Obesity wasn’t my primary illness unawareness was my primary illness

My ego previously adhered to me, myself and I., when I gained

Weight my ego started reflecting upon its tiny self a double

Sword of egotism mostly hinged to my past and my appearance

My past a professional hound dog hounding away a new life a new

Belief system my appearance hounded me into the future I forgot to

Live and enjoy my present today I sought to be slim fixated incessantly

That which is ceaseless…Haunts unbearable custody

I have a magnet on my refrigerator suddenly I realized I had a magnet

In my mind the Fear Magnet I was afraid to weight 176 pounds life

Couldn’t know what it was doing I’m suppose to be the perfect size

It is imperative I divorce this Fear Magnet for as long as I feared

Being over weight this fear constantly kept my fear attracted to me

The moment I stopped fearing how much I weigh what size I wear

The moment of fact changed me I stopped fighting and wrestling with

How much I weigh I let go I stopped the diet regime not implying

You should stop I was jovial and felt elegant to eat real food again

 Barbecue and Fried Chicken, Fried Fish, Ribs and Banana Pudding

I think I went from a size 10 to a size 5 in seven days the reason I say

I think is because it was so sudden I was looking in my closet for my

Component kit something fell and hit me on the shoulder it was my old

I mean ole size five jeans I laughed then I supposed what the heck why not

Try and put them on I got them on but I couldn’t fasten them a little voice

Told me to lie down on the bed try to fasten them I fasten them now I can’t

Get up I slid off the bed and jumped into pure joy thereafter the mental

Fear Magnet I divorced began impressing doubt upon me will you be able

To eat anything all day laughing at me fear asserted you want have room for  

Drinking water in fact in two hours you will be bleeding…Ouch…I told fear

Fear you go to Hell and that’s with 2’LL’s…I may bleed a hospital may have to

Surgically remove these jeans it’s been six long trifling years since a size five  

Shared it-self with me finally 176 lbs to 130 lbs my new belief system supreme


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