Online Safety

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Technology has made it great for people to communicate via the internet. With instant messaging and chat rooms we can instantly send someone a message and receive a message back from them in a matter of seconds. Though this technology is great for people, there also became a bad side to this technology. Usually, when there is something great there are those who ruin in for everybody and take advantage of that great thing and use it to aid themselves to commit evil acts. These people have become known as online predators and are on the hunt to lure mostly women and children into vulnerable situations.

Online safety is something that everyone should be aware of and think about every once in a while. There are internet predators on the prowl who are looking for those who are ignorant or just do not care about internet safety. These predators are usually looking for someone to take advantage of and feel that they are safe behind the computer screen but if you follow a few tips, you should never find yourself in a situation of being preyed upon.

Online Safety Tips:

One of the most important things to remember with online safety is to remember to not ever give anyone your personal information. What is personal information? Basic information such as your name, your address, your phone number, and so on. You don’t know who you are talking to and this person does not need to know all of this stuff about you. Many times, people’s information is available with out them realizing it such as the information on your website profile when you created that account. Many times these online predators will tell a person how good looking they are or might tell them how smart they are or other things to be trusted. Trust is their main goal because they know once they have your trust, you become more vulnerable. They are hoping that you think that the world is a care free place and have never given any thought to online safety.

If the person you are talking to starts sending you perverted remarks then just end the online conversation by closing the window. Just ignore them and do not send any comment back. They will get bored with you and know that you have some kind of sense of online safety and move on to try to lure another prospect.

There are websites out there that are tailored for people to meet others, especially dating sites. It’s understandable that you may talk online with someone who you may like to eventually meet but when doing so, make sure that when you meet that person for the first time it is in the day time in a place where there are lots of other people around. Don’t meet up with them late at night in a secluded area. When meeting someone, you are also going to want to let someone know where you are going. This someone could be your mom, your brother, a good friend or anyone else close to you.

Though most people are not sexual predators and chances are that you will not run into one, that is not a chance you want to take. If you are a parent, you will want to educate your children about online safety as many sexual predators will go after teenagers. Be safe and always remember that online safety comes first in this day of age of the internet!


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