The Wonders of my Gmail Email

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I’m a committed “Gmailer” and have been for a while. I find the email system offers far more than most I have used previously.

For a start I have to commend the layout as it is a wonderful marriage of simplicity and complexity. It offers the standard user with the essentials i.e the inbox, sent mail, bin and spam folder. However, should you happen to be a more advanced user there is consideration in this respect with POP (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocols). So essentially there is something for everyone.   

But it does not stop there it also has provided me with innumerable wonderful tools and applications that I use frequently.

The most used of the extras on Gmail is the chat feature which allows you to communicate with other Gmail users in an instant messaging context – convenient if nothing else.

The most recent great addition is Labs which is a collection of great additions you can make to your Gmail to get more out of it. How about:

  • Offline Access
  • Pictures in Chat
  • Forgotten Attachment Detector
  • Inbox Preview
  • Authentication Icon for Verified Senders
  • Google Calendar Gadget

In addition to offering some great features you can also combine other Google products with your email for convenience. For example you can log into your email and it gives you links to all the other services such as google docs, calendar, reader ect.

I find my Gmail email to be so wonderfully co-operative and I have yet to find a serious criticism. From this reviewer it’s a definite thumb up. Go on give it a shot.


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