Household Superstitions

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Planting houseleek on the roof was thought to give the house protection against lightening and fire. Mistletoe will procure the same protection. Similarly, placing an acorn on your widowsill will ward off lightening.

A bay tree planted in the front yard was thought to ward off witchcraft.

An open pair of scissors buried under the doorstep was thought to ward off evil, dating from pre-Roman times when iron was a sacred metal.

A series of patterns painted or chalked across the doorway, joining one jamb to the other, was thought the keep the devil out, the unbroken lines confusing and leaving him no gap to slip through.

One ought never to stir a drink with a knife, as it is a sure way to end up with indigestion.

It was thought unlucky to begin Spring cleaning after the month of May.

It is bad luck to exit a house from a different door that then one you entered through.

Salt on the doorstep of a new house will keep evil from entering.

If a mirror in the house falls and breaks by itself, someone in the house will die soon. Also, a white moth found inside or trying to enter the house signifies death.

If you leave a rocking chair rocking when empty, it invites evil spirits to come into your house to sit in the rocking chair.

When making the bed, you should never interrupt your work, otherwise you will sleep restlessly that night.

A swarm of bees settling on a roof is an omen that the house will burn down.

When you move, you should always throw out your broom and buy a new one for the new house.

A cricket in your house is said to bring good luck.

Nailing an everygreen branch to the rafters in a new house is said to bring good luck.

Passing another person on the stairs is thought to cause bad luck for both.


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