Movie Review: Love Bavarian Style (1973)

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Bavarian sex comedies! It sure wasn’t yesterday I watched one of those. In the mid-1990s, a buddy and I used to have long discussions about Bavarian sex comedies, or Tyrol films as we call them. We defined the genre and came up with a list of rules. A Tyrol film must feature scenes with people carrying ladders. There must also be an old man who pops up every now and then and says “Sehr lustig!”. The ladders must of course be climbed and when voluptous Bavarian women take baths, a happy, lederhosen wearing guy should fall into the tub, and a Benny Hill chase follows.  LOVE BAVARIAN STYLE (Geh, zieh dein Dirndl aus) from 1973 is the most well-known Bavarian sex comedy and probably the ultimate one. And that’s not enough: the director’s name is Siggi Götz. A perfect name for a dirty old German man. I don’t think theres any ladder climbing or ladders at all in this movie, and there’s no old man who says “Sehr Lustig!”, but a guy falls into a bathtub and there are Benny Hill chases.  Anyway, this is a fantastic movie that’s never ever boring. The running time is only 80 minutes, so there’s no space for boredom. What exactly the plot is, is a tad diffuse. The copy on the DVD says something like “This Bavarian adventure begins when a prudish lady from the big city takes over a farm in Tyrol. Lots of people try to get her to move so they can run the farm themselves, and their secret weapon is the Italian super Casanova Vittoria Parmesano.” And sure, I guess this is correct. But the story derails all the time. The film is all over the place. Which of course doesn’t matter as long as it’s funny. Another thing that doesn’t matter, is that the DVD is in fullscreen (the opening titles are chopped off) and the picture quality a little rough. This almost makes this spectacle even more charming, and I can understand why it was seen by millions when released in 1973.One of the girls is played by Swedish sexpot Marie Ekorre. She’s always walking around bare assed, and when she’s told to put her pants on, she forgets her top……Something that’s more cute than sexy. And no, this movie isn’t very sexy. It’s hard to believe anyone may be offended by this harmless nudie comedy. Some call this a porn comedy, but it’s not, it’s impossible to call this porn. This German movie feels more like those innocent American hillbilly sex comedies made before hardcore porn broke through and killed the softcore market.


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