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Bukisa is a writing community. Being part of a community works best if there is active participation by all concerned.

This means we should be actively seeking one another out, reading articles by other writers, making helpful and supportive comments on their work, and voting on their articles if they are show good writing on worthwhile topics.

It also means when we see someone’s work that is exception we should point out that person to other members of the community and the Internet as a whole by adding one or two of their articles to our social websites, sending links to friends we email, and stumbling their articles.

All this should be done in an air of camaraderie and a spirit of Joy. For I have discovered that there is no better joy than to write and have that writing supported by other writers. It makes the entire writing experience richer and more rewarding.

I myself plan to begin each day, by reading at least one article that those on my friends list have written and leaving a comment for them. I then intend to read at least two articles, by people unknown to me on this site, to lend my support to their endeavors and to perhaps, make even more friends.

I am aware that some of you have many friends and it would be impossible for you to read an article by every one of them each and every day. What you can do is read 3 or 4 articles by friends today and keep doing this each day until you have read at least one article by all your friends, and then begin again.

Keep in mind that it also important to read at least one article by someone new to you as well, this is how the Bukisa community can grow closer and more active.

Reading articles will also benefit you as well, seeing what others are writing and their writing style can help to improve your own writing and make some great friends.

Any writing site is only as good as its community of writers makes it. So let’s make ours a wonderful caring community.


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