Anand Jon Sentenced

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And at last there is joy for the victims of Anand Jon the Indian-American fashion designer who was accused of raping and sexually harassing models-in-waiting, was sentenced to a whopping 59 years of imprisonment.
Jon’s victims, who were also present when the verdict was announced, wept and cried with joy. The 35-year-old Anand Jon Alexander, who was his own lawyer in this case, was left spellbound, as he showed no signs on his face after hearing the judgment.
Anand Jon had requested for a fresh trial but Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Wesley overturned his request stating that it held no ground and went forward with his judgment. The Judge wanted Anand Jon to be incarcerated for as long duration as possible. The reason? Anand was preying upon young girls as young as only 14 years and women.
The Judge David Wesley further said that Anand Jon must serve at least 14 years in prison. Then it will be followed by a 45-year-old life-sentence. It means that the sentence of 14 years and 45 years will not be served simultaneously.
When on one hand Jon was accused of rape and sex abuse, he was found being not guilty of four felonies and the jury could not arrive at any conclusion of 3 counts.
Meanwhile Anand Jon’s sister has taken this issue of her brother’s sentence seriously and has asked the Indian government to intervene in this issue saying that Anand got such hefty sentence, which was racially prompted. She is trying to garner support for her brother back here in India.
It is very difficult to say if the Indian Government readies itself to intervene in this case with the American Administration.


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