Bukisa: Let’s all make this a great site for writers

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I began writing for Bukisa four months ago with high hopes for a successful writing experience with this site as many people through out the net seemed to be excited about it.

I published my first several articles with enthusiasm. However, that enthusiasm quickly turned to dismay. I simply was not getting views no matter what I did to promote my work.

I also was not making any new friends, or enjoying any kind of feeling of fraternity with the site in general. Dismayed, I simply stopped submitting articles for more than a month.

I began writing on sites and found the experience on each site somewhat different, but all seemed more friendly and out going than my experience with Busika and it’s members, even when the views were slow in coming.

I have now been writing on the Internet for close to 5 months and have begun to make a rather small but reliable income with my writing. Along the way I have learned a vast amount about SEO, and promoting my work and decided to give Bukisa another chance.

I have made a couple of friends on here from people I knew on other sites who also write on this site.

But only a few.

I have also taken the time to analyze why other sites have been much more successful for me and have reached the conclusion that on every other site, the community has been active in making the site a success.

This does not seem to be the case with Bukisa.

At this point I could simply give up and concentrate on the sites where I have more success or I can try and do something to help make Bukisa a more friendly and useful site for all of us.

I have chosen to do the latter. In the course of that endeavor I plan to write a series of articles as how we as a writing community can help one another and make Bukisa one of the best writing sites on the Net.

Anyone who is interested in this project please contact me, and follow my upcomming articles.


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