Economic Resurrection

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Economic Resurrection

The Easter holiday weekend is almost upon us. We hope that each of you have a safe and happy holiday. At the same time please recognize what this holiday represents. It represents the idea of resurrection, of coming back to life. That concept is exactly what we need to believe can happen to our financial lives. It can come back to life and flourish under any condition if we just keep plugging away.


I really don’t like this term but it is as good as any. I always called it scavenging or affirmative recycling. Most of us would never even consider doing such a thing with visions of beggars and bums sifting through city dumpsters. Really it is not that bad. I myself have done this on many occasion sometimes by accident. Many times I may be driving through a neighborhood and see something set by the roadside that seems appealing or perhaps it makes me wonder why they are throwing it away instead of donating it to someone.

A problem that I have at an apartment complex, where I assist the owner and friend, is with people dropping off their old sofas by the dumpster. My friend paid to have these dumped. Needing the exercise, I offered my service to break them down and place in the dumpster already paid for. Over time I found that these items had pieces of wood I could use for crafts, small repairs, etc…. I also found rolling wheels, electric lights, rollers, screws, bolts and nuts, washers, pens and pencils, a gold ring, and of course money.

Do not prejudge this alternative to get ahead. My friend recently starting giving me $5.00 for each one I tore apart. Getting ahead and winning is in the eye of the beholder.


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