Are You Infected By Conficker ? Check your computer first

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Do you know?  many of us dont know If their computer is infected by conficker ? but how to know if your computer is infected by conficker. Simple answer try The Conficker Eye Chart.

The Conficker Eye Chart

The Conficker Eye Chart couldnt be easier to read. Just look at the six boxes below, then scroll down for an interpretation guideline.


Reading the Conficker Eye Chart

All the Conficker Eye Chart is doing is testing to see whether you can connect to several different Web sites that the virus would block access to. Here the key, courtesy of the Conficker Working Group:

If you see this above:
It probably means this:

= Normal/Not Infected by Conficker (or using proxy)

= Possibly Infected by Conficker (C variant or greater)

= Possibly Infected by Conficker A/B variant

= Image loading turned off in browser?

Any other combination
= Poor Internet connection?

So are you infected by conficker, Need some medicine ?

You can try fix it with my tools

or tutorial fix conficker , not enough try Mac Afee tools


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