The best morning tips for stress-reduction

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We live in a stressful world and the morning can be a nightmare for many people.  Hearing the sound of your alarm can already destroy your day because you prefer to sleep a few hours more. It is often not possible and sleeping too long is also not good for your health.  There are several factors which may have an influence on your morning fitness and it is possible to reduce your stress if you pay attention to the most important factors which causes the stress.

Here are some early morning tips which may reduce your stress all day and will help you to deal with all problems during the day:

*Sleep enough

Many people make the mistake to go asleep late in the evening and they feel tired when they have to stay up for school or going to work. They like to watch television or doing some activities until they feel tired but they don’t pay attention to the consequences the next day. We all need enough sleep and it is recommended to sleep between 7 and  8 hours each day. It is individual but research has proven that people who sleep between  6h30 and 7h30 live longer and is best for our health.

You can best go asleep each time around the same time to prevent you can’t sleep. It is a habit and if you go asleep between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. you often feel better than you go asleep when you become tired. Sleeping too long is also not good and can influence your fitness during the day.


Exercise is important for everyone’s health and you can best do some exercises in the early morning. If you have time enough before you have to go to your work you may consider a morning walk or jogging. These exercises will help you to feel you emotionally better and you are stronger to fight against the stress during the day. It is important you don’t exercise on an empty stomach but also not after a large breakfast. It is best you take just a little snack before you exercise.

It is possible you don’t have the time for these exercises in the morning because otherwise you have to stay up in the middle of the night. In this case you can consider to do some gymnastic or some exercises which don’t require much time. Relaxing exercises are always a good idea, even if you do a morning walk, jogging, swimming or some other exercises. Breathing exercises, Yoga, meditation are excellent ideas if you are searching for relaxing exercises. Also stretching exercises will help you for stress relief because these exercises will provide flexible muscles and you avoid headache, neck pain or some other muscles.

It is also recommended to exercise in the afternoon if you have the possibility but most everyone will exercise after school or work. You have to do it regularly and at least 3 times for thirty minutes or more each week. Exercising is essential in stress relief and you will feel better during the day and may provide a better sleep during the night.


Breakfast is the most important meal of your day. You can best eat a breakfast with all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients which you need for your health. You need to avoid many sugar and fat in your breakfast and also in your other meals during the day. It is important you eat on regular times and a well balanced diet will help you to stay healthy and  to relieve your stress during the day.

You also best avoid or limit drinking alcoholic beverages and you need to be careful with drinking coffee or other beverages which contain caffeine. A cup of coffee in the morning can be good to wake up but it can increase your heart rate if you drink too much beverages which contain caffeine.

Alcoholic beverages and caffeine are drinks which you best can avoid or limit if you want to reduce your stress level and avoid stress during the day. You certainly need to avoid these beverages in the 4 hours before you go asleep because it will keep you awake. Drinking plenty of water cleans your body and will help for stress relief.

*A shower

It is best you take a shower when you wake up or after you’ve exercises in the early morning. A cold shower is best if you are in a good physical condition but also a hot shower will help to feel you better and have more energy.  Your muscles will be more flexible and you are be able to do more efforts and you don’t have the feeling anymore to be tired in the morning. A shower before you go asleep is also important if you want to sleep well.

*The morning alarm

It can be frustrating to hear the morning alarm because you have to stay up for your work or going to school. It is maybe best to set your alarm a quarter earlier so that you have some time to relax in your bed and you won’t be stressed if you stay up. You have some time to sit on your bed and to move your arms, neck, legs. You can go relaxed to take your breakfast.


Planning your day is an important tip for stress reduction. If you’ve planned all activities you don’t need to worry about certain things in the early morning. Plan which clothes you need, the preparation of your meals, your exercise, work activities, social activities and everything you want to do the next day.

Morning stress can be avoided if you follow all these tips. There is no need to experience your morning as a nightmare. Planning ahead, going asleep on time, exercising, a well balanced diet and taking a shower in the morning and evening are the keys for stress reduction. Spend certainly enough time with your family and incorporate enough social activities in your life and you will enjoy a life with a minimum of stress.


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