Internet Explorer Not Safe

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With the issue that has risen about internet explorer having some safety issues. It makes me wonder no matter which browser you use if you are truely safe or not. There have been many issues in the past with just this subject and with patches has been fixed, but to what expense to the person using it?

When we go online we should feel safe about our passwords and all of our private information. I know there is always somebody out there triing to break into our servers and steel our identities and our information.

With technology being in such high stages I am kind of apauled by all of this. If they can come up with new software and newsites opening everyday don’t you think it would be a good idea for security to be number one on the list before it exposes all of us the users to such thieft?

My recommendations is that everyone stop using Internet Explorer period. How many thousands of people have been robbed of their personal information? How long is it going to take to get the patch working and what are our promises of being secure when the patch is made availible to us?

So many questions and not enough answers is what I have to say. I personally have never liked using Internet Explorer. I have always used FireFox since I can remember and I trust them. I feel safe when I am on the internet with all of my security modes. My firewall is always on, but with the new bugs out there it sometimes does not matter and they sneak into your computer somehow. I have caught a few viruses in the past from material that I should have known better than to open, but now I use caution with everything.

In this day and age of technology we all need to be very careful with what we do and who we get involved with on the internet. With this tool the world has become a much smaller place, which I feel is a good thing, but we all need to protect ourselves.

Be careful out there and don’t use Internet Explorer for awhile at least, not until they truely can tell us we are all protected.


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