First steps to publishing on the internet

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The world wide web has become one of the best places to publish your articles. There is a large audience available on the internet which can be classified as the world audience. More and more people have started getting their dose of daily reading from the internet rather that from print. In such context it is a good place to start publishing your articles and other works such as video and audio. Whether you are an amateur or a professional writer you can start publishing on the internet.

Given below are the first few steps in order to start publishing on the internet:

1)      Join a few sites where you can publish your work such as Bukisa, Triond, Helium etc. All these sites pay for the articles you publish. It is very motivating especially if you have started writing recently to get your work published and get paid for it. Try and start writing an article on each of the sites you join.

2)      Grow your network i.e. invite friends and family to view your articles. The more views your articles get the more it will earn. Another way of growing your network is to make friends on each of the sites you join. This can be done by reading and commenting on articles written by friends. This will motivate them to comment on articles written by you. Based on the network you generate on each of the sites you can choose the best site for you where you want to publish your works the most.

3)      Market your articles where they can be followed such as on twitter, mention about it on facebook, put the links on your blog etc. Marketing your article will increase the number of views you get.

4)      Continue writing as many articles. The more you write the better you get. With every article written you tend to get better and you start motivating yourself to publish more. It is important that you set monthly targets for yourself on the number of articles you want to publish. One of the ways to do this would be to plan the kind of articles you want to write at the beginning of the month and start working and researching on it during the month and then target to finish it by the end of the month.

5)      Slowly try and specialize on the type of articles you want to write. Once you have published a few articles you will realize the kind of articles which get you an audience and then you can choose to specialise on those types of articles. It is important to specialize on writing on certain subjects which are your strengths since the readers will look forward to reading articles written by you on those topics.

Happy writing and happy publishing.


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