How to Choose and Buy the Right Jeans

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When buying jeans, one can wish that one size fits all to avoid the hassle of choosing the right pair of jeans in department store racks. It may be fun for some to shop for denim jeans but for some who are too busy, the idea of going over all those items in the department store could be frustrating and disappointing at the same time.

The blue jeans since its creation in the 1850’s by Levi Strauss has become a staple in closets, may it be for women or men. It has also crossed social boundaries, people from all walks of life and race all wear jeans. With all those brands and styles nowadays, how does one choose the perfect pair from a pile of blue jeans?

Know your body type

Look at yourself in the mirror. Be aware of your shape and body proportions. You may fell in love when you first saw this pair of skinny jeans while doing online shopping. However, are you sure it would look better with your body frame?

For those who appear to have a missing waist, they can go for high-waisted jeans. High waisted jeans are already back in the fashion scene and they help create the illusion of an hourglass figure. It also lifts the bottoms as well. High waisted jeans look best when paired with high-heeled shoes, sandals or boots.

If you are not blessed with perfect long legs, you can imitate Katie Holme’s style, the “boyfriend jeans”. They are great for disguising legs that have chunky thighs. It should be fit on the waist and then loose from the hips down to the legs. The boyfriend jeans can be paired with fitted tops for a more casual and feminine look.

For those who are on the heavy side, try the boot cut style. They create the illusion of longer and slimmer legs. Choose also denims that have dark shades as the lighter ones can make you look larger.

If you are petite, you can visit the teen’s section instead of buying jeans from the regular section. You don’t need to spend extra cash for alterations since it may be too long for you, there are a lot of excellent choices in the teen’s section.


Another trend nowadays in the fashion industry is the customization of blue jeans. Despite the steady supply of jeans in the market, some people still want their jeans customized and specially made for them. One can be assured of the quality of customized jeans as it was tailor made only for you. However, customized jeans may be require you to spend more than the generic ones. Shop around tailor shops first and then compare prices.

Develop your own style

Don’t be afraid to experiment for a while and then finally decide which style suits you best. Denim jeans crosses all genres, may it be hip hop, street wear, hardcore rock, Goth, country or premium designer. Express yourself; don’t be carried away easily with trends.

Be aware of quality rather than quantity

Instead of looking at the tag price, go for those brands that have been tried and tested. Why would you buy a cheap pair of jeans that easily fades and shrinks? Even though the other brand is more expensive, you would be assured that it will last long given proper fabric care.


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