Keep or Sell 60GB PS3?

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The big question is should you sell you backwards compatible PS3 for the new SLIM? I had this same problem, and I’m proud to say I still have my old PS3. The original PS3 has better features than the SLIM and allows you to enjoy yours old games. There is a reason why the 60GB is worth over $350 and the SLIM is only $300, its because the 60GB is better. There is no point in selling your PS3 for less money than you bought it for, just to get the same system with less features. My biggest predicament was the warrenty has run out for the 60GB. Im going to wait for my old system to die so I know I got its full use. By this time the SLIM will not be so popular and costly. Everybody is looking for people who want to sell the old systems because they know the true value. The 60GB has been labeled by many as “the best console SONY has made.” After 3 years of having my PS3 it just started to die. I sent it in to SONY and now it works better than before! I fell like my investment in the repair was worth it because I have faith in SONY’s system repairs. The consoles hardly ever die, therfore  you shouldn’t worry about the system dying. Worse case scenario your system dies and you can either repair it at a local shop for half what sony asks or you sell it broken for $150 and invest another $150 for the SLIM. Bottom line is you have what many others want, just keep it.


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