The good and bad sides of scientists

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                                        The good and bad sides of scientists

            I like the scientists a lot.  In fact i love them.  When I open the newspaper, I don’t go round looking for the news of the happenings in my country or the world during the previous 24 hours..  All that coud wait. I pour through the pages to know what our scientists have discovered about life, space, Moon, Mars or anything under the sky. All of them may not be palatable at all. But then one has to read their stories because they have come out in print.

            Most of the time they say or forecast bad things but sometimes they do pontificate nice things as well..      Some days back,  some space scientists have said that they could put a man on the Moon right from our  Space station over India  and that astronaut would go all over the Moon looking for signs that would make some earthlings live there. “Are you a volunteer?” they  had asked. Well, I am, if you don’t mind, provided I get at least an one bedroom house with a living cum dining room, a nice toilet with a wash basin and a front garden. And I shall pay not more than one dollar a month for my future abode. Anyway the project is yet  to materialize.  So my dream house has to wait.
             Our State government in India, turning suddenly  philanthropic,  promised  a lap  top computer for ten dollars to the student community only. Isn’t that a great news? While I was revelling in it, prompt comes a “scientific” news that lap tap may make you infertile. Women would indeed get frightened at this development. This would be so if they operate the LT from their laps. Why should anyone keep it on the lap to fiddle with it? Is it just because someone has named it “ lap top”?  Now that the scientific community has given us a great warning, all who possess a LT may kindly keep it on the table top or a stool top or at some top  and view/operate it. OK?
             This morning’s paper gave another piece of news. I don’t know whether I should classify it as  good or bad. The news item in brief is: if you want to win over a woman, you are supposed to crack a joke; a joke at yourself. The woman then would feel tickled and fall for you. It’s as simple as that.
             Don’t laugh at it friend. It’s 100 percent true. I mean the news item. One anthropologist scientist from an University south of USA (Name withheld for security reasons !) who was at the job for 2 years and having interviewed several women, has announced as the conclusion that women get attracted to men who poke jokes at themselves.  You may like to try out this theory next time you are at a social party.
But don’t get mixed up with your “I’s” and “YOU’s”. If instead of I, you happen to use YOU, you are gone along with your joke. You not only would lose your girl friend but also receive tons of slaps. So, beware.


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