Chevrolet Key Chains

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The end of the 19th century marked the beginning of a new era when the automobile industry was born with the advent of cars powered by engines such as the gas (invented by Gottlieb Daimler) and the internal-combustion engine (designed by Karl Benz).  Although manufacturers spend billions on research to improve safety, performance and comfort, customers go a step forward by modifying the exteriors, interiors and the functioning of the vehicles to customize it to their satisfaction.

Changes to the exterior of the car include preferential alterations to the appearance, paint, stickers, alloy wheels, radial tires, use of mounted fog lamps, etc. The interiors are enhanced by using different materials for the seat covers, dash boards, roof, etc.  The performance is boosted by making changes in the air-intake mechanism (using different air filters) and engine modifications (changes to the cam, valve springs, boosting power by using fuel pressure regulators, use of turbo-charged engines, boost controllers and intercoolers, etc).

Apart from these modification options, there are lots of fashionable accessories available today. Some of these include clothing accessories, eyewear, key chains, etc.  Accessories such as the key chains come in so many forms that they have even become collectibles for people with such interests.

General Motors (GM) is among the greatest car manufacturers and one of the most famous brands of cars coming out its manufacturing lineup includes the Chevrolet, popularly called “Chevy”.  The manufacture of this car began way back in 1911 by a company called “Chevrolet” founded by Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant, which was later merged into GM Motors.

The Chevy is identified by its trendy “bow-tie” logo seen in all their cars (like the Aveo, Corvair, Corvette, Impala, etc), the scale models and on all their accessories such as key chains, hand bags, clothing and eyewear, etc. This logo was introduced in 1913 after Durant saw it on a wall paper in a French hotel.

The Chevrolet key chain comes in various shapes, sizes and materials. Some of these types include:

  • Chevrolet Metal key chain- These come in different finishes such as chrome, gold-plated and brass and are available in different shapes such as round, oval, rectangular, etc. The logo is laser-burned onto the surface to give a spectacular finish to the key chain.
  • Chevrolet leather key chain- Like the metal key chain, these come in different shapes carrying the logo again in different metal finishes and are available in different colors such as black, burgundy, red, etc.
  • Plasticolor Chevrolet rubberized key chain- These are molded key chains with lot of attention paid to color and detail providing high quality finish to the logos and characters.
  • Chevrolet flashlight LED key chain- As the name suggests, this key chain comes with a LED-light that helps in inserting the key in dark.
  • Specialized Chevrolet key chains- These are made with some particular model in mind. Some such types include photo key chains, scale model key chains, etc. Some of them also carry the depictions of cartoon characters such as Popeye standing beside the car.
  • Chevrolet key chains in the form of auto parts- These key chains are made to resemble parts of the car such as piston, connecting rod, seat belts, etc and sometimes are made useful for secondary purposes such as bottle and can opening.

Today, cars are not limited to mere modes of transport, but have become symbols of status.  Complimenting this view, accessories not only play a vital role in making a style statement but also help the customer bond with his vehicle.


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