Yoga and Solat (pray)

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Yoga and Solat (Pray)

  Islam is a complete religion. It has many methods of teaching and practice for human health and life including Spiritual, physical, and mental and intellectual and also emotion. One of practice that is really impressive in improving and maintaining human’s health is Solat (pray). In addition, Solat (pray) is not just can improve and maintains health, but it can also help in healing pain. The reality is Solat (pray) can give peace to us.

  However, there are some people said that Solat (pray) is one of Yoga’s. In fact, Solat is very different and cannot be same like other type of exercise in this world. Solat (pray) is one of the most dignified zikr’.

  When we observed, there are some yoga’s element in Solat (pray). But, Solat (pray) is an action that including physical, spirit, and mind. It has specified position and movement of the body that known as the commandment of move. It also takes care about (spirit) that always needs to be candid for Allah. This is called the commandment of sincerity heart. Besides that, It also contain specified word to be uttered such the zikr’ and this is called the commandment of uttering.

  One of the most important positions in Solat (pray) is when prostrating. At this position, someone will put his head to the earth. At this position, blood in our body will flow from the heart to the brain easily.

  Also, many people said that Yoga is only one of breathing training and telecommunicating with the subconscious mind in a way to solving nervous tension and curing pain.

  Regular breathing is really important in releasing nerves tension and also supplying oxygen to the human heart so the blood can flow in the body clearer and make the mind to function with balance and perfect.

  The reality is, Islam is very caring about the regular breathing aspect. Moreover, Al-Quran Al-Karim also teaches us to take care about discipline in every action for controlling the mind. For example, the Solat (pray).Every Muslim need to caring about all aspect when Solat (pray) such the number of rakaat, movement of the body and the time for Solat (pray). Furthermore, Muslim is demanded to wake up at the night for Solat (pray) Tahajud. This is also one way to solve the nerves tension and finding peace and equanimity.

  Every Commandment and law in Solat (pray) contains many hikmah and advantage in the point of science that cannot be negated by anyone. It is a physical training for balancing the positive and negative charge in the human body.

  Solat (pray) also take care about cleanliness. Therefore, combination of cleanliness and movement can help in maintains health fluent the flowing of blood and helps in giving energetic body.


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