Get Free Food at Restaurants

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Think about the many restaurants that you have gone to in your life time. Then imagine the chain food restaurants that your family and friends revisit time after time. Wouldn’t it be nice to get some great discounts at major restaurants. Well if you have access to the Internet, have a valid email address, and can take one minute out of your day then you will be surprised by the amount of free food you can get.

Visit any of your favorite chain restaurants home website and look for the option to join email list. Simply click on the ‘join email list’ and provide the basic information about yourself. It usually consists of first and last name, email address, and date of birth. Once you have completed the very short list of questions, just click the submit button. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email from the restaurant thanking you for joining and they will provide you a coupon for a free appetizer. On your birthday, restaurants will provide discounts for a free entree and dessert. You get these free giveaways for just signing up for an email list.

Once you receive your coupons for free food or huge discounts, simply print them out and provide to your server. They usually have expiration dates so make sure to use your coupons before it’s too late. I have joined numerous email lists from chain food restaurants and have received coupons for free appetizers, free desserts, 50% off of your next visit, and free dinner for my birthday. If a restaurant doesn’t send you any kind of coupon or discount for joining their email list, you will more than likely receive generous discounts during holidays. You have nothing to lose by entering your name and a valid email address. You also get notifications from these restaurants when your birthday comes. All together, you can enjoy your favorite restaurants and receive a break off your check from the great giveaways they provide customers that join the email list. I recommend everyone to get into this habit so that you can start saving some money and take full advantage of these offers.


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