Tips to buy shoes

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Shoe is important for us to protect our foot from dirt, bacteria and dangers item. Shoes  have been made from leather, wood, canvas, rubber, plastic and other petrochemical-derived materials.

Tips To choose your shoes

1. Most of us especially girl has problems to choose shoes suitable shoes. The important thing is you must understand your size. Sometimes size is different among shoe brands and styles. Do not simply select without understand it.

2. Select a shoe that possible to the shape of your foot. It is important to ensure that your feet comfortable with the shoes.

3. Measure for all your foot. Most people have one foot larger than the other one.

4. For girl, when slecting a Career or Dress shoe look for a low ( 2 inch or less), heel,

broad based hell. Comfortable shoes typically have lower heels.

5. Choose sole and heel materials that provide cushioning and shock absorption.

6. Avoid synthetics. Wear only shoes that have natural leather or suede insoles because it will prevent chafing and blistering while molding to the feet.

7. Find the lowest price for same type shoe. If you buying shoes online, make sure they offers free return shipping so that if you need to exchange, this won’t pose a problem. You can choose your favorite shoes over the internet, one of the best sources is Soles on Sale

8. Look for a shoe that is light weight. It will help you to walk easily and comfortable. Walk around for a few minutes on different surface to ensure the shoe is really good for you

That’s all. Make sure that your feet will thank you for it .

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