The Female Orgasm – What it is and How to Give Your Woman One

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The female orgasm—it can be elusive and hard to reach but with certain techniques it may not be too hard to give your partner one. Orgasm is the sexual climax that both men and women experience. However, this pinnacle of sexual pleasure tends to be harder for women to attain and there are a few reasons why that will be explored later on. Although orgasms for some women can be hard to reach, every man should have ways of bringing his partner the most pleasure that he can and do everything he can to learn how to bring her to a full orgasm. Most women, around 75% do not climax during regular intercourse. Even though there are a huge variety of ways to give a woman an orgasm there is a way that will greatly heighten the chances of it happening.

Why it is harder for women to climax

The female orgasm requires much more focus than a male one. For most women the brain essentially has to shut down before climax can occur. This means if anything is on her mind or distracting her, the chances of her orgasm happening are much lower than they should be. A woman’s mind must be clear and able to fade away and relax before a true orgasm can occur. Other things that can contribute to the chances of orgasm are body images and self-consciousness. The part of the brain that has to do with stress, emotion and anxiety must shut down. Make sure your partner is relaxed so that you have a better chance of making her orgasm.

What things can be done to make her orgasm

Clitoral stimulation is probably the best way to bring a woman to climax. Whatever tool you may use (like a toy, fingers, penis or your tongue) should be used in some way to stimulate her clitoris. It is abundant in nerve endings and pleasing this area is almost sure to bring her to orgasm. Cunnilingus, or oral sex used on a woman, is possibly the number one way to make a woman who has difficulty reaching climax to orgasm. Try various positions in which you can stroke or stimulate the clitoris in some way and your partner will be very pleased with you.

Talk to your partner and experiment with her. Couples should experiment and find what techniques and things work for them. Make sure to look at the source links for much more data that will help greatly. Do your research and pleasing your wife in bed will become second nature to you.  Happy Love Making!



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