How to Overcome Performance Anxiety

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Performance anxiety is a problem that many men can become afflicted with. It can happen to younger men but is more often than not found in older men. There are many causes for the problem. Some of them have to do with internal problems for the man himself, confidence and can even be connected to who the man’s partner is. Erectile dysfunction can also be a name for this problem as they are greatly connected. However, there are solutions for men who are not able to get it up all the time. There are some surefire ways in which he will be able to overcome this problem and be able to perform at his best for his partner.

A great multitude of things can cause a man not to “get it up” or keep it up long enough. A common cause of the problem is drinking too much alcohol. Alcohol is known to be able to cause dysfunction for many men. A solution to this is to slow down on the drinks and have a little less.  Drink in moderation. If the problem does happen offer to service her while you are still getting ready to enter her.  Many men try and use an alcoholic drink to last longer but this does not always work. It will often backfire on them and may lead to an embarrassing situation.

It is important to get to know your partner and have a connection. These are partial solutions.  Many men have performance anxiety because of inexperience, sex with a new partner, erectile problems in the past (whether they are premature ejaculation or performance anxiety) or a combination of any of these. Getting comfortable with a partner has the potential to fix these or at least reduce the chances of performance anxiety. Talking with your partner about your anxiety and problems is also a good choice. It will lead to a conversation and understanding so that you can work on the problem together. Make sure you breathe deeply during intercourse and try to extend foreplay and make it more enjoyable.

The best cure to performance anxiety is reducing stress. It is very important not to be too stressed. Being nervous and not relaxed will be detrimental to your performance in bed. Relax and take things lightly. Talk things over with your partner so that she knows beforehand. With the support of your partner it will be much easier to overcome your performance anxiety.



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