9/11 – Are We Safe Now?

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Today, September 11, 2009 marks the anniversary of one of the worst disasters in history, one in which, those of us who are old enough, will always remember like some remember JFK’s assassination. We remember exactly where we were and what we were doing on September 11, 2001. When the twin towers went down like match sticks and over 2900 people lost their lives and then the Pentagon was attacked, all many of us could think about was getting home to our own families and gathering them to safety.

Today, many of the families who lost loved ones on that day were attending memorial services at the Pentagon when our beloved Coast Guard, now under the auspices of Homeland Security decided to do a training exercise on the Potomac that apparently looked quite realistic. The FBI at the memorial service, not knowing this was going to take place, went on full alert. Airports nearby were closed for a short period of time. One of the news stations in the area reported gunshots which created havoc.

When it was all over, the Coast Guard said there were no shots fired; what the news people had heard was misinterpreted. The Coast Guard made the statement that they frequently hold drills and do not inform the FBI of their intentions to do so. They decided to have a drill on the Potomac River near the Pentagon, under the bridge where the President will travel to go to the memorial services ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF SEPTEMBER 11?

Now here’s the funny part. One of the reasons Homeland Security was formed in the first place was to create a centralized unit where our military, CIA, FBI and other security branches of our Government could stay informed about what was going on and to open the line of communication between the branches.

Just the other day, President Obama was talking about the insurance companies being held accountable. Mr. Gibbs, the Whitehouse press secretary is blaming CNN for the panic because they did not verify facts before reporting the incident. CNN is expert at that; that’s true, but the training exercise really did take place. Who will be held accountable for that?

Now I ask you, do you feel safe? This is the Government we want running our healthcare program? But; that’s another story.

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Taylor Dixson
Pre-9/11 Skyline of NYC


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