How to Get More Followers on Twitter – 3 Effective Ways

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Here are a couple of open secrets to getting more Twitter users to follow you. Follow these simple tips if you want a large list of followers in no time.

1. Spread Word about Twitter

If you want more people to find you on Twitter, you must talk about Twitter outside Twitter. The only way to get more people to follow you on Twitter is to tell more and more people that you are on Twitter. How do you do this?

You can spread the news that you are on Twitter by word of mouth. Alternatively, you can spread the news by attaching your Twitter address to your email signature, your business cards, your online profiles, and so on. Adding a Twitter RSS feed to your blog or webpage also helps.

2. Tweet a Lot

Tweet as much as possible! Make your presence felt! Ask questions and answer them. Participate in conversations about topics that you find interesting. Thank other Twitter users when they share something that is useful to you. Respond to witty tweets made by other Twitter users. Say hello to new Twitter users.

3. Be Friendly

Initially, you might feel that you are a stranger on Twitter, but you are not one. Stop feeling and acting like a stranger, and greet other Twitter users as if you knew them all your life. Greet them in the mornings, evenings, afternoons, and on the weekends.

Even if you have joined Twitter to improve your business, refrain from being too businesslike. Give a bit of yourself in your tweets; show interest in the lives and interests of other Twitter users.

Twitter is a place for fun; so have plenty of fun. This online service is synonymous with dialogue, social currency, information, and chat. It has a strong role to play in the significant business conversation that affects everybody’s life. No wonder Twitter is swiftly becoming more and more popular.

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