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Have you just started studying a course and you have been told that you need knowledge
in mathematics?

Read the following quotation first before you read the solution to the above question.
“The beauty of mathematics lies in the fact that it furnishes a universal language, which
characterizes in a uniform way, processes of quite different physical appearances.”
Quotation from Richard Bellman

If you have not understood the above quotation, do not worry. This is what you have to
understand: the rest of this article.

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problem you have about what you are reading.

Why Learn Mathematics
Many vocational and technical courses including courses at the higher level (university)
expect you to have knowledge in math. Examples of such courses are industrial technical
courses such as Electricity and commercial courses such as accounting. In most, if not all
Anglo-Saxon Universities, in order to study economy you need knowledge in
mathematics. One of the amazing courses today is computer programming (software). To
do the minimum in computer programming today, you need basic knowledge in
mathematics. In fact, mathematics at the middle school level (British O’Level) is
compulsory in many (if not all) countries.

At you are given that knowledge. There, you are given
the mathematical knowledge you need to do those courses. They have an easygoing
system (teaching approach) for everybody.

Why People do not succeed in Math
Are you the type who started studying mathematics sometime ago and then gave up along
the way? Mathematics is very important. This is the opportunity for you to do
mathematics successfully. One of the main reasons why people drop out of math course
is because they do not take the initial chapters of mathematics seriously. What you learn
today in math, you use it to learn something else in math tomorrow. The learning process
builds up like that. So if you do not take your math lesson today seriously, you will not be
able to understand what is taught tomorrow. From middle schools, many of the students
who finally specialize in arts, are the students who did not take their math lessons
seriously in the early years of the course. Many of these type of students have the
tendency to enjoy themselves all the time and would not do their assignments seriously or
not do them at all, and during class periods they would be making jokes. If you are that
type, know that math is important. This is the opportunity for you to do math. The reason
is simple: the system (step-by-step approach and special methods) to teach math at Cool
Mathematics institute, makes you serious all through without you really being conscious
of it. You learn conveniently.

Duration of Course
Maximum (part time): 10 months
However, You can do it for as short as 3 months, fulltime.

After the Course
After the course, you should be able to write any entrance examination in math to do any
preliminary university studies that requires math. You should be able to do any
vocational or technical course so far as mathematics is concerned. You will be able to
write exit middle school (ordinary level) exams so far as mathematics is concerned.

Method of Teaching
– Online.
– Interactive – automatic feedbacks and directives.

Advantages of the System
– Step-by-Step and Special Methods.
– Learn at your convenience.
– Learn at home.
– Interactive – automatic feedbacks and directives.
What you need
– Exercise book or Sheets of paper to do calculations.
– A Computer.
– Be hooked up to the Internet.
This course has been written based on the American (U.S.A) culture. The U.S.A system
of Education is one of best (if not the best) in the world.

So, if you need to study middle school mathematics to succeed, go to .



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