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Well, I decided to take YourFreeSurveys for a test spin to see how much money I could make in a 30 minute period.

Registering was a fairly easy process; since they didn’t ask or my pay pal address or my mailing address (or any other information that would allow me to receive a payment) it went fast.

On the front page of the site, YourFreeSurveys encourages you to register with another survey company, which would earn YourFreeSurveys a few bucks for your free sign up. No big deal. I just skipped it.

Once I had entered my email I found out that I was immediately “prequalified” to register with about 3 more “paid survey companies” – I also skipped this, but had I have registered, it would have been another $6+ in’s pocket (and still $0 in mine).

I was then taken to another page that REQUIRED me to join 3 other “free paid survey” companies before I could even gain access to the YourFreeSurveys site. I didn’t want to register with the three companies because my goal is to MAKE money, not just keep signing up for referral programs. Had I have joined these 3 “required” companies, I would have put ANOTHER $6 – $8 in YourFreeSurvey’s hand. Since I decided NOT to register I was NOT about to get inside the website to “make money”.

*If* i did register, by the time I would have even had the *chance* to “gain access” to the site, I would have already made YourFreeSurveys at LEAST $12, but possibly as much as $20 if I DID decide to register with all the companies they tried to push on me.

After wasting about 15 minutes on this site I decided to do some research about them and see if the people who DID take the time to register for all these OTHER sites actually ever earned any money. It turns out that people HATE
Here’s the biggest complaints:

1. Spam, Spam, Spam: Complaints of continual spam emails being sent.

2. Misleading! Here’s an actual rip off report made against YourFreeSurveys:
“…then you get these emails saying “get 1.00 for an automobile 1 page survey!” Then you check it out, do the survey and see it takes you to an insurance company, You must then sign up with them, get a quaote and accept it to get your 1 dollar from the survey company.

then you see this…
“$13 SURVEY INVITATION – You are invited to participate in a $8 Stamp survey, a $5 Music Survey, & more “

The stamp survey is you MUST signup with (unnaming the company) and join the 1 year contract of using them for your stamps and postage, there is a 35 monthly fee and you must PRE purchase 90 dollars worth of postage with thm.
Then you will get the 8 dollar stamp cash.

$5 music survey, sign up a year prepaid contract with the (unnamed company) and you can get your 5 bucks. So lets see, to get your 13 bucks for taking a so called survey, you spend about 250.00!

lolol, Thing that gets me is I check other forums and the forum owners post sites like these saying they are good and pay well. lol You can make 300 a month off survey like this one! Yeah but spend 2000.00 doing it!”

3. There is NO site. Almost every post I came across was from a user complaining that there really is no “website” to make money from “surveys”. YourFreeSurveys is nothing more than a referral database of more “free survey companies”. You spend all your time chasing your own tail; registering for one company after another and never making money for yourself. Meawhile, each company you register with is cash for YourFreeSurveys because they referred you.

4. No proof of payments! NOBODY has posted a single “proof of payment” from YourFreeSurveys. In addition, I can’t even figure out HOW they supposedly PAY you because they never ask for your information!

In the end: I give YourFreeSurveys two thumbs down. If you want to use a REAL paid survey site, the best around is SurveySavvy. Pay is $2 for each completed survey. There’s nothing to buy, no products to “sign up for”. You can request payment any time you want and they mail a check to you. I’ve made over $1,000 with them.

If you like the idea of “testing products” (signing up for different things to make money) use Vindale. They have just about the highest pay per registration. You get sent your earnings via Pay Pal each time you hit $50. I believe I have made roughly $500 or so dollars with them. Just be sure to complete your profile by taking the free tutorial that earns you $2 or $5.


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