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You heard many times from people that the god created the world in six days. After creating world the god, take rest for one day. That day considered as Sunday. What do you think? This is right or wrong. I do not know what you thing. However, I know the truth. You will find the truth in the rest of the article.

You are theist or atheist. If you are theist then you can understand the truth. God is everywhere. If you are atheist then you cannot understand the truth and remain as blind as bat. The world is expanding vastly. Unemployment and inflation increases the prices of daily used household goods. Everybody needs money for good life.

Money is necessary for our food and living hood. However, money did not fulfill our soul needs. Money did not help us to achieve our main destination. What is our main destination? Our main destination is achieving god from our soul. Yes, the god is in our soul or we can say our soul is the god. Our Soul is tiny part of the god.

The god created everything. The god is creating everything. The god will create everything. This is the universal truth but this is very difficult to accept. The scientist and the atheist never agree with this truth because the scientists have mare’s nest in their mind. Scientists thought that they know very things about the world even the smallest thing atom. They want proof if someone says that the god is everywhere. The god is real master of everything. They never agree with the truth when atheist expires they returned to the god court with their tail between the legs.

Everybody wants happiness but people choose wrong way to achieve happiness. Happiness only achieved by knowing truth. Truth is the god. God never takes rest because the god never tired. I am giving an example. Thousands of human beings are taking birth and many dies daily. Thousands of animals, birds, insects and other living beings are taking birth and many dies daily. If some theist persons ask someone, why he or she does not goes to gurudwara sahib, church, and temple? They answer that they are as busy as a bee. They do not have time to eat, sleep etc. Some fools say that they do not have time to die. I tell that ones that you do not have time to die but the death have time for you. You will win by death in a splash. You do not get any notice. So, do not waste your precious time. Go to gurudwara sahib, church, and temple daily. Pray to god daily. This will change your life. You will become a successful person in the world. Everybody will follow you.

I pray to god. Everyone who read this religious article will get his or her main destination in his or her life.


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