How Make The Man-Woman Feel Good

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<u>Make the Men Feel Good</u>
For the man in your life, here are some recommendations for making him feel special:
-Flirt with him in public places
-Just once, leave the toilet lid up
-Lavish him with compliments
-Tell him how sexy he is
-Act jealous once in awhile, even if you are not
-Remind him that he is a wonderful mate, husband, father, whichever applies
-Tell him how handsome you find him

<u>Make the Women Feel Good</u>
Just like men, woman love feeling good about themselves. These recommendations might help:
-Tell her how beautiful she is
-Compliment her on her many skills (be specific)
-Just once, leave the toilet seat down
-Tell her how much she means to you
-Let her know that she is your best friend
-Show affectionate to her in front of family and friends
-Let her know that you find her to be sexy
<u>That Kiss</u>
As couples become comfortable with each other, kisses can become lame. Get rid of the pecks and get serious with the kisses. The next time the two of you greet each other, enjoy your kiss and do not be so quick to stop. While there are appropriate times for serious kissing, they should be loving, sincere, and passionate, regardless of how long they last. You will find that as you pay attention to your kissing and let your mate know that you enjoy kissing them, you will both feel better about your relationship.
Be Kind to One Another

Unbelievably, kindness is often over simplified. Even good relationships can lack acts of kindness. This refers to “Do unto others” Simple acts of kindness can have huge impacts on a relationship. If your husband or boyfriend is out working on the car on a hot summer day, make a thermos of ice-cold tea and take it to him, giving him a gentle kiss. If your wife or girlfriend has been working at the computer all day, walk up behind her and massage her shoulders and neck. You get the idea. Kindness means looking at the other person’s situation and seeing what you can do or add to that situation to make it better or easier. This is a way to validate your respect for each other. Kindness will go a long way in a relationship.


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