How-to for using the Wii Internet Channel

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So in case you didn’t know, the internet channel for the Wii game system is now free. No more paying to use it. And it has also been updated. For those who have downloaded it and wish to play around with it, here is a quick start How-to guide for using the new internet channel. If you haven’t downloaded it yet and wish to, this can be done by going right to the Wii shop and getting it.

To begin using the Internet channel, click on that channel on the Wii home page, then click start once it comes up. This will finish loading the internet channel.

On the start page you will find a list of things you can do. These are search, favorites, web address, operations guide, settings, and Wii menu.

If you go to the settings page you will see a number of things that you can change. These options are Zoom Type (automatic or manual), Toolbar Display (always on, auto-hide, and button), Search Engine (google or yahoo), delete cookies, adjust display, and proxy settings. The defaults for all of these should be alright for most people.

Now to use the internet itself, you must first either be connected by wireless (built in to the system) or by ethernet to your home broadband connection. This section will go through how to use each of the main browsing features.

To search: Begin your search by click on the search (binoculars) and then entering your word or phrase using your wiimote and the on screen keyboard that will appear. After you enter this, click on the okay button down in the bottom right corner of the screen. Your search will come up using whichever option you have selected. Then to click a link, move the wiimote over it and press the A button on the wiimote and you will then be re-directed to that page.

Favorites: From the start page, or any other page when your browsing, you can go to your favorites by clicking on the star. This will take you to the favorites page. Then just click again on the site you want to go to and it will take you directly there. To add a favorite, you go to the site you want, click on the star at the bottom of the screen, your favorites page will come up, and then click on the add button at the bottom of your favorites screen. The site will be added, showing a thumbnail preview.

Web Address: To enter a web address, click on the WWW button on the start page. Then enter the address just like you would with the search, using the on screen keyboard. Then click enter and you will be taken to the site.

Next is a list of your standard browsing features and how to do them. These are all done by using the wiimote itself.

Back and forward buttons: These are on the bottom left of the screen or you can hold the B button and press + (forward) or – (back).

Scrolling: This is done by using the directional pad or by holding the B button and moving the wiimote in the direction you want to scroll.

Zooming: This is done by pressing either the + (zoom in) or – (zoom out) buttons.

Leaving the internet channel: To leave thje internet channel, you can either use the home button on the wiimote or you can go back to the start page and click on the wii menu button.

I hope this guide is a benefit to everyone who’s new to the internet channel.


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