Your Father

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Bless You All

Your Father
Deserves just as much respect and love.
That you give your Mother.
Without your Father you would not be possible.
Don’t get me wrong.
Your Mother is Your Mother.
Your Parents made you.
That’s enough to be glad.
Some children only wish they had.
Some fathers don’t care one way or the other.
When you have a father that care.
You don’t have to fear.
You have to give him a chance.
Incase you don’t get another.
My father died when I was nine.
So, I feel I lost alot of time.
You don’t have to do the same.
Love your Father.
Your his son or his daughter.
Life is nothing more than different seasons.
With lots of meaning.
We live, love, respect and trust.
That’s all apart of being us.
Lets own up.
To our resposibilitites and families.
Let’s get over it.
It is always Tit for Tat.
It don’t have to be like that.
My Mother.
My Father.
Was here.
Now they have gone home.
I realize that I am not alone.
I feel it’s my duty to help others find.
Peace, Joy, Love, Courage, and Truth.
I had and have.
My share of problems.
I am not giving up.
I will try to solve them.


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