How to Travel by Plane With a Toddler

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  1. The most important thing to remember when traveling with a toddler is to stay calm at all times. Getting worked up will only make your toddler more anxious. If possible, you should always fly with a companion who can take over when necessary. Two sets of hands are always better than one.

  2. Many of the airlines will have no problem with you bringing snacks and beverages with you for your toddler. Be sure to pack everything in a small lunch tote or cooler with ice packs. This way everything will be in one place and easy to get to when needed. The airline will want to test the beverages, but it will be well worth it when you need something to calm your little one down. A bottle or sippy cup can be a life saver during a crying spell.

  3. Bringing a laptop or portable DVD player and your toddlers’ favorite DVD or recorded shows is essential. Often, seeing something familiar to your child will keep him or her occupied for long periods of time. Make sure that you have back-up batteries or a re-charger. You can also recharge your laptop between flights.

  4. Your toddler should be allowed to carry on his or her favorite toy or “lovely”. This will provide your child with the sense of safety and security that he or she will need throughout the day. Don’t worry if the toy makes noise, the passengers around you would much rather hear “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” than hear your toddler cry.

  5. Finally, if at all possible try to get your toddler to sleep on at least part of your flight. If this means rocking or walking your child up and down the aisle, by all means, do so. A well rested child is the most well behaved child. No matter what happens remember… you only have to do this one more time on the return flight!


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