This Is For You

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This Is For You

I appreciate your comments as well as your messages.
Even if you’re just reading that’s okay.
I don’t want anyone to feel left out.
That is why I feel.
I must give this Shoutout.
To all my friends and viewers.
You make me feel like I can go beyond.
I appreciate that.
You all have been kind and dear.
And this is sincere.
Some of you may not be.
But, you will not stop me.
This is for you.
Thank You and,
I Appreciate You.

You are special.
That’s why I let you.
Into my thoughts.
You are the greatest.
I am going to try and brake this,
Down without any sound.
You are intelligent.
Don’t forget it.
You are wonderful.
We all can be powerful.
You are a genious.
I mean this.
You and I are frequent writers.
But have different ways to inspire.
You are real.
You know cause of the pain you feel.
You are tough.
But, some will still call your bluff.
You are articulate.
Some will get sick of it.
You have a voice.
Use it.
You like to sing.
Sang it.
You can do anything that pops into your brain.
That is the only thing that makes us the same.
You can inspire.
Someone will admire.
You are Blessed.
This life, is God’s test.

If you have a Parent
Anywhere, show them you care.
If you have a child.
They need to know
The world do come with fears.
For whatever it is worth.
We are on the Earth.
Let’s appreciate our birth.
Us Women and Men.
Boys and Girls.
Like Micheal Jackson said,
We Are The World…

Have A Good One!!!


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