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Ladies, you’re skinny, busty or have you ever imagined to make your wedding dress tailored?I hear you “is not in my budget” or “I am not a size dummy …”! and then I will say is, do not need a 38 to go to a creator!


A custom wedding dress is not much more expensive than a dress ready to be bought from Pronuptia, Cymbeline, Pronovias and Linea Raffaelli!You do not believe me?Compare!

But beyond the price, know that to make her dress custom has many other advantages.

1) You can define a line and to change the option of curing your idea.And yes, in a store you have no possibility to change your mind or make changes once the dress bought, and sometimes, months passing and changing shape, we want to make small adjustments.
For my part, I wanted a simple dress, then little by little my designer has embellished the bodice of draped organza and skirt too.This gave a slight effect, as if I stole when I moved, because the skirt was dancing behind me …

2) In addition, the quality of the relationship with your creator you will also provide much more satisfaction than an exchange with a salesperson who sees you 2 hours in his life and is eager to sell you anything!The designer takes the time, you’re alone with him, he buffer with Mom and beautiful mother if necessary, he is listening to you and reassure you.With great sensitivity and it is comforting to the end of each creation there is the sadness of parting from him as if suddenly we were entering a world far less reassuring.

3) Moreover, whatever your shape, the creator will direct its work towards a dress that you sublimate and where you’re comfortable.So if you feel you do not have enough chest but you want the neckline pigeon, it’s easy, foam here, another way …
if you are busty so it will highlight what you like so that you forget what you like least …


Make her dress custom is to offer a break in preparation for your wedding, this exquisite little time just for you when you leave your life every day to transform you into a sublime young woman worthy of all the magazines and having nothing to envy Monica Bellucci .. if so … Suddenly, it’s you who walk in this gorgeous gown makes you more beautiful, more sure of yourself, a bit narcissistic, hoisted on his heels and sublime swaying hips while walking … they have better watch out … for now it will take with you!

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