A Dove’s Journey & Bad Behavior

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A Dove’s Journey

Flying high,

She soars the sky.

Happy in her fray.

Brush the wind,

Taunt the mountains,

She marvels at the prey.

She sings s song,

One of cheer,

But woe enters the sound.

Clouds appear,

The sun is gone,

The stench of sorrow brings her down.

Bird of song

Becomes bird of prey.

In this lonely valley of shadows,

The lonesome dove

From above

Comes to claim her stake in the need for blood in which she wallows.

Hers is in a journey like no others,

Born without direction.

This path without travelers patiently awaits its companion.

“Come to me,” cries the silent voice.

“No joy will you find in others.”

Listen not to the voice of the wind, for it dabbles in manipulation.

The soaring dove lies in ignorance

Of wisdom once renounced.

To fly, to sing, to coo, alone to marvel in her transformation.

Night soon comes leaving shadows

Of loneliness and dark anguish.

She sighs, she cries for a hand of intervention.

Sweet bird of woe,

Becomes bird of hope,

As the morning seeks to rise,

The lonesome dove

Soars above.

She is the keeper of the sky.

Bad Behavior

Hearing the whispers,

Seeing the faces,

They don’t know her.

What she does, and what she says.

Their lewd remarks

Don’t faze her.

She’s known from the start,

That she’s her own savior

From their bad behavior.

Tasting the madness,

Touching the silence,

Consumed by sadness,

Thoughts race, ones of utter defiance.

She runs into the night,

Screams surface inside her head.

A shadow reaches sight,

Drowning her in all these things she had been fed.

Who will be there to save her

From this bad behavior?

Can she hear the cries

Echoing in the night?

Can she take the pain

Inflicted by the name?

Can she go on

After youth is gone?

Gone with the true believer,

Gone with this bad behavior.


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