Have you had your Chlorophyll today?

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Today, our eating habits consist of fast food and quick meals.  We don’t seem to have time to cook a wholesome meal that includes a fairly healthy amount of green vegetables anymore.  And when we get sick, we quickly run to the doctor to get a dosis of antiobiotics.

Fact is that by decreasing the amount of green-leaf vegetables in our diet, we also decrease the amount of chlorophyll we provide for your body.  Scientists have discovered that chlorophyll is not only a cleansing and blood builder, but that its properties are very effective in protecting the body from the harmful effects of radiation.  They have also learned that it will prevent certain cancers from developing.  In addition, other benefit of chlorophyll include the ability to kill some germs, promote intestinal health and serve as a topical skin healer.

About 95% of the population carry an abundance of toxins around with them.  They manifest themselves everywhere and can inhibit proper functioning of the body on a physical as well as emotional level.  Cleansing the body naturally with the help of Chlorophyll would be the simplest option available to us.  Some of us might say that body detox are a waste of time and money.  Fact is though that because of today’s poor choices of nutrition and other poor lifestyle choices, we collect too many toxins that our body cannot metabolize.  We get kranky, feel pains, our moods changes, we are always tired.

Before running to the doctor again and have him fix your problem that you created yourself, you should go to the root of your problem.  Start with your digestive tract.  Give it a good cleanse, removing all toxins, and rebuilt it by supplying it with the best ingredients.

Unfortunately, most vegetables that are available in supermarkets are depleted of important vitamins and minerals.  Your best option would be to grow your own vegetables, your second best option to buy organic vegetables only.

One super food that shows the highest amount of Chlorophyll and has been documented to give the body an abundance of vital energy for brain and body function is SuperBlueGreen Algae.  There are a lot of SuperBlueGreen Algae production plants but not all of them meet the required standards, and you will often get a product that doesn’t provide you more nutritional support as an organic green vegetable.  If you are serious about adding this Superfood to your diet, do your research.  If you don’t have time for research, go with Simplexity Health in Klammath Falls, Oregon.

Our struggle to minimize the effects of toxins that are all around us and to fight off free radicals, is an everyday battle. To maintain the highest levels of health, make Chlorophyll an important part of your daily regime.


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