How to Make a Label for CD or DVD

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The process of “Burning” CDs and DVDs has increased in popularity since it’s release. If you are fond of backing up files, documents or even burning a copy of a DVD or CD, these discs may just be lying all over your place. Then you need to go through a tedious process of looking through the contents of each one until you find what you are looking for. The easiest way to solve this problem is to label your CDs and DVDs. This article will show you how to properly label your discs for you to organize them properly later on.

The Manual Labeling Method

This method is the easiest and most practical when labeling one CD or DVD. All you need to do is to label the disc by writing on the top part of it since the bottom part is where the data is stored. When labeling the CD or DVD, make sure that you use a felt-tipped pen. This ensures that you don’t scratch the protective coating on them.

If you are the artistic type and want to put a personal touch on the label, you may do so by buying a CD or DVD case with a paper insert. You may then draw or put designs and artwork on the paper insert using any materials of your choice.

The Computer Program Based Labeling Method

Due to the need for CD and DVD labels, software companies made software-labeling programs. There are lots of programs out in the market for these specific tasks. Some of them have regular upgrades, which include additional features and design templates. There are also programs that you can download from the net for free.  The programs that come for free still have the main functionalities that their fee-based counterparts have. The upgrades may be harder to find for those that come for free. The programs user-friendly. Some of them have support wizards that help you each step of the way. But if you’d really want to put a personal feel to it, you may design from scratch and just look into tips and hints on how to use the various effects and design elements available.

The Direct-Etch Method

The direct etch method is more like a fusion of the two features. This means that in this method, you still use the computer to have the design but the design itself is Laser-etched directly unto the top of the CD or DVD. This is made possible by using special programs (e.g. Lightscribe, HP solutions, etc.). For this method to work, the printer or the CD or DVD writer itself should be compliant with this feature. After you have copied the files to the CD or DVD, you need to open the drive where the disc is, flip it over, and put it in. Then the design pattern will be laser etched unto the disc. If a printer is used, it’s still the same thing but this time, the CD or DVD will be placed in the printer’s tray that is made specifically for this purpose. After that, the design is still laser-etched directly into the disc.

 Those are the different methods in labeling a CD or DVD. As in the first paragraph, labeling is done for easier sorting. Once the CDs and or the DVDs are sorted, it’s time to organize. By the end of this process you will no longer see CDs and DVDs lying around and you will find it easy to find the discs whenever you need them.


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